Why Do We Have So Many Rules?

Why Do We Have So Many Rules?

I was at an event tonight and I was watching a bunch of children dancing to a DJ. None of the adults were on the “dance floor” but all the kids were totally getting their groove on. There must have been 10 of them, none of them seemed to know each other, and yet all of them were having the best time ever. It got me thinking about how authentic children are. They do what makes them joyful and they know how to be happy . They are incredibly creative imaginative and full with self-esteem.

Then they spend their whole lives being taught how not to be themselves. That there is something wrong with them. That they are weird or different if they are authentically themselves and how to be confident. They are taught all of these rules by parents, teachers, family, and other adults around them. Why do we have so many rules?

All of these rules that we are taught makes us question our own intuition, who we are, what we want, and makes us feel like we have to be like them and not ourselves. What if you were never taught all of these rules? What if you could undo all of the conditioning that you have been submitting to your whole life? Who would you be? Some people are scared to even consider this. What if I am too weird when I am really me and no one loves me and everyone is mad at me and I am all alone? I can’t be really me! What if you could?

Maybe it has been such a long time since you even thought about who you are and what you want that you don’t even know anymore. Where do you even start? Maybe with a little thing. Maybe you have to try a bunch of new stuff to even figure out what you like and don’t like. What’s stopping you? Where are you judging yourself?

If you aren’t sure start by thinking about the things that you really love or really hate about other people. Usually what you really love and really hate about other people is what you really love and really hate about yourself but are afraid to see or own in yourself. Then realize that they are all judgments you are making about people and ask yourself why you feel that way and where you learned that judgement. What if you had no judgments for yourself or other people? What if there was no good or bad? Everything just is.

I think there are way too many rules and judgments. This is ok. This isn’t. This is good. This is bad. This is right. This is wrong. Where did it all come from and who decided that it was true? You did.

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