Our Queens

The Rich Girls Inc Queens have been hand selected to assist other people in creating their rich lives with their courses and coaching!

Anyone can say they are awesome online but can they back it up with proof? 

The RGI Queens have implemented all 12 of the Rich Girls Inc Success Principles in their own personal lives and are examples that it is possible for anyone to create the life they desire!

We only select the best of the best teachers who are living their dreams and walking the walk so that you can feel confident when selecting them to teach you or buying one of their courses.

You can find free advice anywhere but it will not necessarily give you the results you want. 

To get the results you desire, you want to find teachers, mentors, and coaches who actually have exactly what you want and are exactly the kind of person you want to be.

Our queens have gone through an application process and have proven that they are the person who they say that they are and have what they say they have.

We’ve talked to their previous students and have verified that they can get results for others, too.

You can feel secure knowing that you are making the right choice in trusting them to assist you.

We invite you to check them out, too, so that you know they are the right person for you and will get you the results that you desire.

You don’t have to feel alone, stay stuck, settle, or suffer in your pain any longer!

Start now with one of our verified courses to get you where you want to be.

PS- If you’d like to apply to be one of our verified Rich Girls Inc Queens and have your courses featured on our website, please contact Colette at Colette at RichGirlsInc dot com

To qualify to be a RGI Queen you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must embody the 14 rgi life principles- Responsibility, Integrity, Collaboration, Health, Gratitude, Infinite Faith, Resolution, Love, Security, Intention, Non Judgement, Compassion
  2. Must be able to give an example of how you have incorporated each of the principles in their life
  3. Must have gotten successful results for at least 10 others using the principles you teach and be able to give us at least 3 testimonials that we can verify
  4. Must have passions and interests outside of what you teach so your life is balanced
  5. Must have achieved many of your personal goals in life and can list at least 5
  6. Courses must be at least $97