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Hello, Rich Girl!

Ready to step into your full power and expand into the greatest version of yourself to create a rich life?

I am the creator of Rich Girl’s Inc and I am so excited you found us. I know you are capable of all of those beautiful dreams in your heart. Maybe you’ve made plans in the past to go after your dreams and maybe you even started on those plans but then something happened. Life got in the way or it became overwhelming and confusing. Maybe you’ve heard “go after your dreams” so many times you want to scream because you want to but there always seems to be some reason you can’t.

Going after your dreams can be scary. What if it doesn’t work? What if it does? What will happen? Who will you be? What if you do a ton of work and you end up not liking where you end up? I’m here to tell you that you can have all of your big dreams. You don’t need to worry about next week or next year. All you need to focus on is today and right now. What can you do right now to go after your dream? Taking your dream one step at a time makes it way less scary and way more doable… it even makes it exciting.

Maybe you have tried and failed in the past. Maybe you feel like you tried everything. There is nothing wrong with you. You just didn’t have the right tools and processes to create the lasting change and habits you want to create the new reality you want for yourself. There was no one there to teach them to you or hold you accountable to your daily action steps toward that big dream. You didn’t have anyone to ask questions to or get feedback from that was totally supportive of you. It’s not your fault.


My purpose is to create a community of women who are standing in their full creative power and manifesting everything they desire.

I am here to bring together the queens who embody all 12 of the Rich Girls’ Life Principles with the women who are on the journey to embody them to support, encourage, learn, and teach each other!

I love to share everything I have learned about connecting to myself and source, having awesome relationships, shifting thoughts & beliefs, having faith, being love, inner knowing, energy, manifestation, how to give and receive, letting go of judgments, lack, scarcity, settling, sacrifice, being patient, forgiveness, gratitude, support, how to show up authentically, saying yes to your needs & desires, and knowing what is possible.

I have spent years overcoming the conditioning of my childhood that taught me that I had to meet other people’s standards and ideas of good enough. I had to let go of trying to be what other people thought I should be/do/have to be loved, settling for things I didn’t really want, trying to make everyone else happy but myself, trying a bunch of stuff hoping something would change but nothing was, having a bunch of stuff I didn’t want to look at (physically and emotionally), doubting and questioning myself, living in fear and denying my feelings, not taking time for myself because I had to be “productive”, comparing myself to others, and judging myself harshly for not being perfect.

From the space I am in now, I can see the same challenges that I overcame in so many other people. I understand the pain they are in and I am called to assist the ones who are done and ready to take massive action to create the rich life they deserve. The ones who have the same vision for the world as I do but don’t know how to heal themselves to get there.

You matter. Your thoughts, feelings, desires, dreams, goals all matter. You deserve to be seen and heard. What is holding you back?

My life wasn’t always sunshine & glitter. Here are some things I’ve experienced:

  • moving to a new city without knowing anyone, making friends, and being happy
  • moving back to my home city after losing contact with almost all of my old friends
  • putting my whole heart and soul into someone else’s happiness instead of my own to feel valued and worthy
  • losing my grandmother
  • caring for my elderly grandparents
  • falling for a guy I barely knew because I slept with him too soon and wasting tons of energy trying to figure out how to get him to like me
  • feeling totally hopeless and alone and like I didn’t have one person who cared about me
  • feeling like a failure in my business
  • feeling like I’d never figure out “what i want to be when I grow up”
  • reinventing myself multiple times
  • shiny object syndrome and procrastination
  • feelings of being worthless and never getting anything right
  • trying to help everyone else but myself
  • experiencing things and being happy without having tons of cash in the bank
  • being raised by a single mother who was in abusive relationships and who was often angry and took her pain out on me
  • learning to be happy and love myself even when I wasn’t rich or in a relationship and my life wasn’t exactly how I thought it should be
  • sexual and emotional abuse

Through all of this, I knew that I was meant for something more than struggle and sacrifice. I became immersed in finding the “secret” to creating the rich life I knew I was meant for. I studied self-transformation books, videos, courses, attended dozens of events over the last 15 years, and sought out mentors and coaches. I finally realized that everything I was looking for is inside of me. All I had to do was step into my power and own it. Everything changed.

I am here to tell you that you can have it all… health, wealth, awesome relationships, and happiness. You just get to decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to release anything standing in your way and own your power.


Powerfully yours,

Colette Gallagher

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Certificated Life Coach, & Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

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