Ladies, we have to train our men…

We train men how to treat us. We must allow them to feel safe with us. To feel our love. To feel our desire for them.

We must treat them well. Men want to be loved. When a man desires us and tries to impress us, don’t tear him down. Tell him clearly and directly that you are flattered but not interested. Don’t play games with his heart or allow him to chase you if the interest is not there. Be gentle with him for his heart is sensitive.

We must teach our men to let go. We must teach them that it is ok to love someone who doesn’t love them but it’s in their best interest to move on to someone who wants to.

We must teach them that it isn’t ok to be manipulative. It isn’t ok to say mean things or physically hurt us. The only way to teach them this is by being the example of how to treat people and not allowing them to treat you that way.

We must teach them that we are not sexual objects.We may or may not consent to sex at any time. We don’t owe them sexual pictures and we don’t have to give up our power in order to be loved.

If each one of us takes the responsibility to teach the men in our life how to be respectful and loving, we can change the world. It is up to us.

It is also up to us to become the type of person who attracts men who respect us. The more you become the love that you seek, the more loving relationships you will attract. If you’d like a guide about how to do this, join the Game of Love.