If I Speak My Truth I Won’t Be Loved

If I Speak My Truth I Won’t Be Loved

Are you afraid to be who you truly are because if you are living your truth, people might not love you?

Many parents punish their children by ignoring them when the child does something they don’t like. In school, children are sent to sit by themselves or kept in at recess isolated from the other kids if they don’t conform to what the teacher wants them to be. If people share what they think to friends & family, they are often shamed by people who don’t agree.

What do we learn from this? If I am me, I will be alone. If I don’t conform, I will be abandoned. It is not safe to be me if I want to be loved.

So how can you live your truth in a world that is constantly telling you to be something different?

– spend time alone doing what you want

– journal… it’s the best way to listen to yourself & your thoughts

– find your tribe, the people who will support you and love you for who you are

– practice telling others what you think

– allow others to speak their truth and listen to understand even if you don’t agree

– allow others to disagree with you and let it be ok

You can speak your truth, be who you are, and be loved. There will be people who don’t agree with you but that’s ok. Being who you are and living your truth is the best way to know who will love the real you.