How You Can Start Dreaming Bigger & Changing Your Life!

How You Can Start Dreaming Bigger & Changing Your Life!

So your life isn’t the stuff fairy tales are made of yet… maybe you feel totally stuck where you are. Maybe it feels like there is no point to even think about having a better life. I am here to tell you that you can absolutely have a life that lights you up and makes you totally happy! If I can do it, so can you! We are talking about Self-improvement. Here are some tips to start dreaming bigger:

1) It is ok to want things. It is ok to ask for things. It is ok to have big dreams and desires. If it’s in your heart, it is meant for you. It took me a long time to come to accept those statements. I had been told most of my life that those things weren’t ok.  I was told not to ask for things, that I needed to have a practical job, that I should be happy with what I have, that people felt bad when I wanted something, that getting what I wanted meant someone else couldn’t have something… and I had to become aware of all of that and then take steps to reprogram my thoughts because those things simply aren’t true.

2) Make sure what you’re dreaming about isn’t something that would be nice to have or sounds good or is something that all your friends want so if you have it it will make people jealous…. it needs to be something that truly makes your Self-improvement. Sure, a yacht would be nice and there’s nothing wrong with wanting one if you love being on the water and if you had one you would love to be on it every day… but if you don’t even like water, then having a yacht shouldn’t be on your list. Wanting something just to have it is silly. Wanting something because it will bring your heart pure joy is what we’re aiming for.

3) When you think about it or see pictures of what you want, you get excited. Like really excited. You know that if this desire came into being you would feel peaceful and excited at the same time. This is the best way to set goals. I used to set goals that sounded good but didn’t motivate me. Either they were way too big and not broken down enough to seem possible or they weren’t things I truly loved and wanted to do. Now my goals are super simple and make me excited to get them done.

4) Pay attention to what you’re settling for. This used to be tough for me. I didn’t even realize I was settling. I just thought I was being grateful for what I had, which is important, but when we allow our conditioning and limiting beliefs to be normal it is challenging to realize that we are letting things be ok that just aren’t. I remember one day looking around at my pile of laundry, my messy car, the shirt I was wearing that I didn’t like, how a friend was treating me and just thinking, “No More!” I realized that all these little things that I didn’t think were a big deal, were a big deal. I was settling for so many things without even realizing it. Knowing that we deserve our dreams and that what is in our hearts is meant for us is so important. We might not change everything overnight and self-improvement casually a long term process, but by becoming aware of all the ways we are settling, we can start to change them.

5) If you see a video or read something and it inspires you, notice why. I watched a video by Jay Alvarrez a few months back and it made me realize how I used to be so free like Alexis Ren and how heavy I had become. I decided right then and there to get my younger, carefree self back and stop taking things so seriously. I watched that video every day for a month, at least, so I could remember how I wanted to feel. It really helped me and gave me a goal to strive for…. feeling free and light-hearted. If something inspires you, that means there is something about it that your heart is calling you toward. Pay attention.

Keeping these things in mind, start to write down and become aware of any thoughts you are having that you don’t want to believe, anything that inspires or excites you, any dreams or desires you have, anything you are settling for and would like to change, and anything that helps you start dreaming and desiring.

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