For those of you in pain right now, suffering in silence, thinking no one understands, feeling unloved…

For those of you in pain right now, suffering in silence, thinking no one understands, feeling unloved…

If I could only help you to understand an inkling of the MASSIVE love that supports you at all times you would never feel like that again.

Sometimes it’s difficult to trust. It’s difficult to feel. It’s difficult to relax into the knowing that it doesn’t have to be like this.

You’ve been hurt so many times and you’ve been taught that all of that pain and suffering came from things outside of you… other people, situations, circumstances, etc.

The truth is, all that pain is already inside of you and you’re seeing life from this painful place and then giving your power away by thinking you have no control over your feelings or your life.

If only this person would behave this way or I had more time for that or if I had more money or if I wasn’t so sick… all of those thoughts seem so very true when you think them, so very real. But all of those thoughts give your power away.

What if everything was working out in your favor? What if the person you’re holding onto isn’t meant for you? Or what if they are but they don’t even know you’re interested in them because you’re in too much pain to reach out and talk to them about it? What if it didn’t matter what anyone else said or did because you decided to feel happy and peaceful anyway?

I invite you to connect with your thoughts and feelings today. Where did they come from? What are they wanting to teach me? How can you take your power back? How can you allow in this infinite abundance of love that wants so badly to flow through you and into your life and color your world with love?

Please know that there are people who understand… people who have been exactly where you are and who have found their inner strength and power and light. Know that you can, too. You never have to suffer alone. I love you.

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