At-Home Spa Day Checklist

At-Home Spa Day Checklist

Spa days are so much fun and help you relax and pay special attention to yourself. You can do this alone or grab some friends. The main thing is to make a special day to love and pamper yourself. We can’t always make it to a high-end spa, so why not treat yourself at home? Here is everything you need to have the high-end experience without the price.  


  • Clean/organize the room you will be using
  • find soothing music
  • gather some candles
  • make sure room temp is comfortable
  • invite any friends that you love to spend time with
  • find a babysitter (neighbor, friend, relative) for the kids
  • find a yoga video at an appropriate level
  • find a meditation that seems intriguing
  • make healthy meals & snacks to eat during the day
  • find some old magazines/poster board for a vision board
  • make sure you have ingredients for all treatments (facials, hair masks, etc)
  • make sure you have a pretty nail polish and mani/pedi supplies
  • find a hairstyle tutorial you like
  • find a makeup tutorial you would like to try
  • make sure you have tweezers/wax
  • have your journal handy
  • plan out your day- give yourself plenty of time for each activity… if you only have a few hours it is better to pick 2 or 3 than to try to rush through 5 or 6… the idea is to relax
  • have essential oils ready if you have them
  • gather lotions, oils, blankets and pillows for comfort if trading massages
  • put an away message in your email/ turn off electronics
  • soak some cucumber, lemon, lime, or other fruit in some filtered water to drink during the day
  • Gather bath salts, bubble bath, etc for a nice soak in the tub


light candles

put on soothing music

write in your journal for 5 or 10 minutes about how you’ve been feeling, why you deserve a spa day, what you like about yourself, and set your intention for the day (ie I plan to feel totally renewed at the end of the day)

Do a short meditation- 5 or 10 minutes

have a light snack


pick your favorite idea to start with and give yourself plenty of time to really treat yourself during the treatment (hair treatment, facial, tweezing, body scrub, vision board, massage, bubble bath, yoga, mani, pedi, etc)

continue doing each activity that you have time for, giving yourself plenty of time in between to go to the bathroom, eat, etc.

Sample recipes/ instructions/ videos – I just did a search to give you an example but if these don’t work, there are a bunch more!

meditation music ( I started meditating with the Holosync Program but choose what sounds relaxing to you):

yoga videos (I love Sadie Nardini but you can just search for yoga if she doesn’t resonate with you)

healthy spa meals:

vision board directions:

facial recipes:

teeth whitening:

hair mask:

body scrub:


nail tutorials:

hair tutorials:

makeup tutorials:

massage techniques:

Extra resources:

Hopefully, you can plan a spa day once a week. I hope you have fun experimenting with different recipes and treatments. Please let me know what your favorite treatment or recipe was over in our Facebook Group: